Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Managing Online Sites

Managing SMA Online Sites

A great place to start to 1) check on individual and overall scores in a given course and 2) find your way to that teacher's Google site is Infinite Campus. A recommended path is:

1. Log on to Infinite Campus and bookmark the site. Allow the computer to save your password and log on.

2. On the opening page, open Schedule of all the choices listed (CalendarScheduleAttendanceGrades, Reports).

3. With Schedule opened, click on the tablet icon for any one of the core courses. This will open the grade book. Note that missing or late assignments have a red comment. Other comments may be present for individual assignments. An overall average for the course to date is at the bottom of the individual assignments. When you open later in the year, to see trimester II, you will need to scroll down past trimester I.

4. To access the teacher's Google site, scroll to the top of the grade book page. Click on the blue address and the teacher's Google site will open if the site is public. If it is private, you enter by using your student’s school email address and password. In seventh and eighth grades, please take note that each teacher's Google site links to the other teachers’ sites. We are working to add that feature to the sixth grade sites.

5. On teacher Google sites, you will find resources, PDF assignments and links to support the class. Also, you will find the anticipated schedule of assignments and class activities for the coming week. Bookmarking each of the sites is recommended. Many students have the sites saved with an icon on their iPad home screen.

By visiting each core course site on Sunday, a student is able to fill in his/her planner for the week. The actual activity of filling in the planner allows the student and parent to preview the week. Family events and outside activities can be written in, as well.

What follows are links to teacher Google sites. You can also find these links on the stmarys.academy site following the path of Resources, All Academy Resources, Destiny (Library) Login, Middle School.